Monday, August 18, 2014

I Have a New, Regular Blogging Gig--On Psychology Today Magazine's website!!

Hey there, Readers!

How ARE you?  Mad at me? I know, I've been a crappy blogger-friend.

But hey, you know. Pain. Depression. Pining for Benjy. Listening to Saskia sing, angel that she is.


OK, here's the 411.

Ben is amazing. So proud, we are. So handsome, he is. And brave. And healthy!

We'll have him the entire last week of August, and Readers? I CANNOT WAIT.

Saskia is soon to start her arts high school, as a junior. We are all hugely excited. Looking forward to a year filled with performances of all kinds!

Lars is...Lars! Gotta love him. No, not you! ME. And I sure do.

And here's the biggest news of all:

I'VE BEEN OFFERED A REGULAR BLOG ON THE WEBSITE OF PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. That's the magazine you read in waiting rooms. And hopefully lots of other places, as it's a very good one. What an honor!

What to Expect When You Get the Unexpected.

I am so excited about this--you can't imagine. The general subject matter will be similar to that of the Nickel...but less informal, fewer (read: 0) Hellacious Hound posts, and a bit less humor at Lars's expense.
(I know, won't be reading entire posts about holey clothes.  Although I could always satisfy your holey clothes cravings back here at the Nickel. ;)

You can also expect film and book reviews on occasion, over at the new blog, and more multimedia engagement in general.

Anyway, please, please join me at my new blogging home! I'm committing to blogging there every MWF, so get ready! (And keep your fingers crossed for me--that's a lot of writing!)

Can't wait to catch up with you here! xox


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