Friday, May 4, 2012

What We Have Take II

I've had a challenge from my wise and wonderful reader "Papa" (which I'm guessing is what his lucky grandchildren call him) to make a list of positive things we have around here, which is as long as my previous list of 19 crappy things.

Papa, you're on!

We have:

Cuteness (especially on the junior varsity level)
Some culinary abilities
A knockout voice (only one of us, sadly)
Killer paper-gunmaking abilities (only one of us, but the other one)
Decent interior decorating skills (yet a different one of us)
Technological prowess (some of us)
Excellent trampoline maneuvers
Awesome writing skills
Awesome translation skills
Some great art on our walls
Three beautiful hydrangea blossoms sitting on the coffee table in front of me (okay, okay, I'm stretching)
"Impeccable taste in literature" (quoting Dad, circa 1982. This compliment was actually a back-handed insult of my Top 40 musical taste)
Enough love to go around and then some
The most adorable canine felon in town -- he's really, really cute, despite being a worse dog even than Marley, who was reputedly pretty bad

Papa, are you satisfied? :)

1 comment:

  1. Great going!
    And I'll add two more with which you can conquer the world:
    Sense of Humor.