Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Felon Refuses to Repent

You didn't buy that display of doggish submission in my last post, did you?

Here's another felon who refuses to repent: Mozart's Don Giovanni. This is from my ALL TIME FAVORITE production, the 1970s film by Joseph Losey. I wish there were subtitles, but what's happening is, the statue of the Commendatore, whom DG killed in a duel after trying to rape the old man's daughter, Donna Anna, has come back to seek vengeance. Yes, the STATUE (I know, I know). And he is one SCARY DUDE.

Naturally, Don Giovanni refuses to repent (C: "Pentiti!" DG: "No!!") and accompany the statue to hell. Watch and see what happens. (I love DG's servant, Leporello, cowering under the table. Watch him, too.)


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