Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update #2

He made it three whole hours. Half an evaluation, which usually runs five or six. The psychologist brought him out and said, "He's done for today. And he did just great."

We scheduled the second half for next Tuesday. I got no feedback from the psychologist -- I never had her to myself, so I couldn't ask. But she felt no need to call the neurologist, so that seemed reassuring. And she said Ben was the nicest boy she's worked with in a long time -- a real pleasure.

That comes as no surprise whatsoever. Even when he is not well, Benjy is a mensch.

I asked him on the way to his McDonald's lunch whether the testing was hard. It was.

The memory stuff is what threw him. Of course, as expected. Oh, and the numbers. Also predictable.

But here's why this child is so confounding. He could not successfully complete the memory testing today but he remembers still the three words the neurologist on call at MGH that night he was admitted asked him to hang onto. He recited them to me in the McDonald's parking lot. And they sounded darn familiar.

Only now I've forgotten them again.

I, at least, am consistently unable to remember things like strings of random words. Benjy either remembers like an elephant or forgets like *Mog the Forgetful Cat* (FAVORITE kids' book in our family! Mog is QUITE forgetful, but also an inadvertent hero.)

And that's what I don't get. Is his brain working or is it not? I don't think a simple answer is coming my way anytime soon, though.


  1. Yay for three hours!!!! Six hours of testing is not the norm, so I think he did FANTASTIC. (Note: I couldn't endure 6 hours of testing, either). Benjy is a bright (and polite!) boy. Try to remember this: they are just tests. And *if* there is variability from three years ago, it could likely be attributed to meds and not overall functioning.

    Sometimes, the medicines which help our kids function impair their ability to perform on demand testing. I know my kiddo is much "lower-functioning" than Benjy, but his latest neuro-psych first made me cry (IQ still very low), but then, thanks to so many good friends and professionals who work with him telling me over and over and over again... I realized it was just a battery of on-demand tests. Which my kiddo will never excel at. And those numbers don't define him. If anything, they will help maintain his placement and ensure future adult services.

    Hang in there and tell Benjy that A and I are so proud of him! (Hugs)

    1. Thank you, as always, for your kind support, L! It really helps at a time like this. And I WILL tell Ben that you and Andrew are proud and send hugs...that will really make him happy. xo