Friday, March 8, 2013

I Did It

I just came out on my website. I don't know why.

No, I am not gay. Neither am I named Anna. But you knew that.

Deep breath. That was kind of hard.

As soon as I am up to the technological challenge I will link to the website on the sidebar of the blog, too. As I recall it's really not that hard. Even Lars could do it.

There are certain ground rules here. I will not ever use the real names of my family members on this blog or in any of my writing. You could probably dig them up pretty easily if you wanted to. Please don't.

You could also easily find me on Facebook and find out that I spend a lot of time engaging in liberal rants. Even if you'd rather see pictures of what I ate for dinner -- and really, Kraft macaroni and cheese is not all that interesting* -- I hope you'll come back to the blog. Important stuff is happening here. I mean, this is where I make fun of Lars. And what could be more important than that?

You will see links to some of my published writing on my website, and learn where you can find other stuff that you would actually have to go to a library to read (I know, what a drag). Not many links yet, but more is to come, and you'll find out about pieces that are scheduled for future publication. My book is on there too -- a link to it on Amazon and other venues, anyway -- and it is guaranteed to put anyone who is not a total English geek to sleep within twelve minutes of starting the Introduction. Maybe even the Acknowledgments. If you must read it, please just take it out of the library for goodness sake.

Okay, now that I'm out I've got to figure out if things have changed. For me, for Ben. I'll keep blogging as Anna Delaunay, I think. I kinda like her. (She's named after my paternal grandma and great-aunt, actually.) But you'll know now who I really am if you didn't already.

 I guess that's just fine.

* this may be a slight exaggeration.


  1. I picked my blog-name-initials because it was in the open window in another browser when I started the new blog -- the genealogical entry for a 9th great-grandmother. Also, really generic and I liked the idea of initials that read "Eh." ;)

    Congrats on coming out! (I actually linked to my blog from my real FB page this week. Not quite as dramatic, but it was my first official cross-pollination!)

    My experience is most people are very respectful of identities. Most of my IRL friends are scrupulous about using the pseudonyms (although those, too, seem to find their way back into IRL).

  2. Well hello! and Congratulations! Does it feel strange now? What do the kids think, now that it's no longer anonymous?
    I'd say something terribly profound, but it's pre-coffee in the early a.m. and I don't think I'm up to it. But Congratulations!
    p.s. I love your curly hair :)