Monday, May 6, 2013

Two Narratives of Decline Redux: Or Where's That Piece on My Own Disabilities I Promised You?

Remember when I wrote this post about Benjy's decline and my own simultaneous one? About how my Tourette's and my meds and whatever else was making me sick and hurt and exhausted and all that lovely stuff was getting in the way of life and work and writing? And I told you I'd be writing two posts for the Missouri Review blog, one about parenting Ben and the other about my own "troublesome parts"?

I tried to write the second post but exhaustion and ticciness got the better of me. Often it takes me months to write an essay or a story. Sometimes even years. Not only because of my child's issues but because of the pieces of me that often do not work.

Stay tuned, though: I am finally able (and willing) to write publicly about my own struggles, and the Missouri Review is looking forward to that second piece, whenever it emerges.

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