Saturday, June 15, 2013

Big Change on the Horizon

We're living in a sort of Best of Times/Worst of Times maelstrom around here. The turmoil is mostly of the emotional sort.

Four human lives and one canine life are about to change in some big ways. (The crustacean lives will pretty much continue as is, since I am generally the one who makes sure they get what they need to continue their humble existence in our house.)

I am buffeted by mixed emotions, but overall I think the winds are driving us in the right direction. Benjy's life is about to expand in some pretty neat ways.

Monday we get to introduce him to the school where he will be living and learning (and having fun) starting ASAP.

I truly never thought it would come to this, Benjy not with me. I'm scared and I'm elated. Because a lot of the things we would like to give him but cannot are things he will have on a daily or weekly basis now. Including friends who don't drift in and out of his life. And animals of various types. And STRUCTURE. And cool outdoor sports and activities. And a 3-D printer as well as other cool tech stuff. And baby quails. (What???? you say. And I say, Yes. Quails. More on that soon.)

We hope he will be able to learn there, too, and experience the joy that can come of acquiring knowledge.

Maybe he will take up violin again. Maybe he will fall in love with horses, like I did at his age. Maybe he will catch (and release) a whopping big fish at the fishing pond on campus.

Maybe he will enjoy the new expansiveness in his life.

He knows this is going to happen. He gets it, and is on board. But he's scared, too, even though he doesn't really say it.

I will have to figure out how to fill the hole created by his absence. After a month or so he will come home every other weekend. and in-between we will be able to visit him. He will be an hour and a half away from us, which on the one hand feels like he'll be living on the moon, and on the other is really not bad at all.

This may be Benjy's last chance for happiness and success. Readers, beam us some of those warm wishes or prayers or other kind thoughts you are so good at sending our way. I know I can count on your well-wishes, my friends. That means the world to me.

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to anyone celebrating it tomorrow!! I wish all of you fair weather and loving people in their lives, tomorrow and always.


  1. Definitely sending positive thoughts your way! Sounds like it will be an amazing place for Benjy.
    And happy Father's Day to Lars:)

  2. Good thoughts, right now and through the next few weeks!