Friday, July 6, 2012

Overheard Today, In Our Minivan

Benjy: You know my new favorite animal?

Me: Uh...louse?

Benjy (scornfully): No, Mom. Although those things are pretty interesting.

Me: Buzzard?

Benjy: *thoughtful silence*.

Me: Well?

Benjy: A buzzard is a bird, which is definitely in its favor. But -- no.

Me: I dunno, I give up.

Benjy: The alligator. Don't you just love those guys?

Me (laughing): Definitely not. They'd love to take a bite out of you, however.

Benjy (huffily): Well, I hope you RESPECT them. As animals.

Me: I sure do.

Benjy: You know, I may even look like one. What with my big teeth.

Me: Well, alligators ARE handsome animals. But you are handsomer.

Benjy: *beam*


  1. How long before he wants his new favorite pet?