Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where You're Coming From

Readers of this blog hail from all over the world. That, my friends, is SO COOL. Such a grand way of being connected!

Here's where you all came from over the past week:

United States
United Kingdom

Every week it changes a little (but my largest readership is always American). Every week I check, because it is such an honor to have readers from Estonia and Sweden and the Ukraine and EVERY OTHER country on that list. Even if I don't know exactly where your country is, geographically speaking. Especially if I don't.

Thanks as always, Readers, for dropping by. Wot larks! to quote my all-time favorite blacksmith, Joe Gargery.**

**Great Expectations. You MUST read it. You can wait till tomorrow to start. There will be a quiz on this blog sometime soon.

Hey -- anyone else have a favorite blacksmith? (*pandering for comments*)

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