Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weird Googling

People come this way via the weirdest Google searches. This week a person looking for "Asperger cross dressing pantyhose" dropped by. Oh, okay. Really? And a person -- plagiarizing high school student is my guess -- looking for "A small paragraph about nothing ventured nothing gained" landed here.

Two people -- TWO -- were hoping to find out more about these:

(Codpieces -- yes, slightly x-rated, except when I write about them)

Then there was the person who Googled "Dog lying on sofa." No wonder he or she landed here -- I have the original dog-on-sofa. He lives on the one with the most pillows.

Sometimes -- and this is cool -- all the folks who drop by on a given week come here by design: they've Googled some variation of The Striped Nickel. (Last week someone searched for "The Spotted Nickel." Fortunately they found me. Whew -- close call!)

I love that you, Readers, are coming here and coming back. Even my recent droughts haven't deterred you. In a little over five months I've had more than 8,000 hits on this site, including, of course, a few "vanity hits," and a large handful by grandma and grandpa. That is SO cool. I would tell Benjy about it but he might think he's famous. I wouldn't want to deal with a kid who's too important for his morning oatmeal.

I would tell Saskia but she'd just roll her eyes. And if she found out I was writing about her she'd KILL me. So I'll just have to enjoy the fact on my own. Or maybe I'll tell Lars. I'm still waiting for him to forgive me for naming him "Lars" -- not that his own Teutonic name is any less Euro. Just slightly more southerly.


  1. I never get any cool searches like that for my blog! I wish I would...they are always hilarious.

  2. Ok, ladies, what's the secret of how to check how people are finding your blog and what they are putting into google?

  3. Laurel, go to your dashboard and click "stats." then click "traffic sources." You can find out where they are coming from and what they were searching for. I occasionally get people who were Googling you!