Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Creative Interludes

Sometimes Benjy, who is a veritable walking encyclopedia, announces something that smells fishy. Like this morning, over breakfast

Benjy: Did you know that dolphins are more intelligent than humans?

Me: Ahm, are you sure about that?

Benjy: I'm sure.

Me: How do you know?

Benjy: Scientists know. We just do."

Me: So, has a dolphin ever mastered the Pythagorean Theorem? Or built a cathedral?

Benjy: We-ell, no, but it's not that simple. They don't have thumbs.

Me: Oh. And if they did, they'd be doing higher math, right?

Benjy (indignant): Mom!

Me: So what makes dolphins smarter than us?

Benjy: They've been known to rescue drowning people.

Lars (from the bathroom, through the hum of his razor): They save pieces of driftwood, too.

Benjy, with a patient sigh: Dolphins have a blah blah blah swim bladder cerebral cortex blah blah dorsal fin. AND they give birth to live young.

Me: Okay, then.

Benjy: Can I have some more Frosted Flakes?

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