Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Stylist

Benjy recently received a nice little inheritance from a friend: a big bag full of really nice, gently used clothes. Ben pretty much only wears used clothes, as we have a steady supply of them from my cousins, whose son is a few years older.

What made me laugh when I sorted through this latest catch was the two mass-market/haute-couture (did I just coin a new term?) T-shirts. The Dolce and Gabanna and the Armani Exchange ones, to be specific. Sitting with my friend in the cargo area of her van, I held up the D&G shirt, which prominently displays a D and a G in a sort of backward embrace, and I said, "What's this?"

Now, it's not that I've never heard of D&G, or seen their logo, although last I knew Target does not sell this brand so  it's kind of off my radar screen. It's just that the thought of a shirt intended for Ben bearing this logo was too ridiculous to be processed.

"It's Dolce and Gabanna," said my friend. At which point I burst out laughing.

The reason this is so funny, Readers, is because Benjy is the boy who trots around with his shirt backwards and inside out unless I catch him and make him right himself before he walks out the door. The kid who chooses sweat pants and brown shoes and white socks and some sort of collared monstrosity unless I step in and lend my assistance. High waters? No problem! Dried maple syrup? Hey, it was going to get food on it anyway.

The thought of my boy wearing designer duds is too funny. But that's what's so great about Ben. If he's not making me tear my hair out or sob myself to sleep he is infinitely amusing. And the best part is, I'm laughing with him, not at him.

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